Leigh Deaf Club
(Also known as: Leigh and District Deaf Society)

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How the Club started ....

  1. The name of the society shall be The Leigh and District Deaf Society, herein called the society.  (For the purpose of the website the name Leigh Deaf Club shall be used).
  1. The premises of the society will be at: Leigh Masonic Hall, Ellesmere Street, Leigh WN7 4AX
  2. The object of the society shall be to promote social, recreational and educational pursuits for the deaf.
  3. The society is open to all deaf people subject to the payment of annual subscription, which will be determined from time to time by the committee.  Interested hearing people can become members on the same terms provided they remain in the minority.
  4. There shall be an Annual General Meeting within three months of the end of the society’s financial year which shall be to 31st December each year at which the committee’s report and statement of receipts and expenditure for the past year shall be presented.  The committee for the ensuring year shall be elected at the AGM.
  5. The committee shall elect from the deaf members of that committee a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The committee shall have the power to add to their number and to fill vacancies and meet as and when necessary, and invite anyone to a committee meeting in an advisory capacity only.
  6. For the purpose of carrying out the object of the society the committee may engage in the raising of funds by any legal method.  Society funds may be authorised to be spent at the discretion of the committee.
  7. The committee may suspend the membership of any member who’s conduct, whether on the club premises or elsewhere, is or has been in the opinion of the committee contrary to the interest of the society or injurious to its reputation.
  8. The property and effects or the society shall belong to the society and in the event of its dissolution any monies remaining after payment of proper debts and liabilities shall be given to local charities.
  9. No alteration of these rules shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting, or at a specially summoned meeting for that purpose and such alterations shall require the assent of not less than two-thirds of those present and voting.


The Club started with a group of deaf people meeting in pubs and each others houses in the 1970s !!!

In 1980 Mr Roy Grimshaw met with the Atherton Rotary Club to organise a permanent club venue and one was found in Mealhouse Lane, Atherton.  A committee was formed and it was decided to name the club The Leigh and District Deaf Society. On average the membership numbers were 45 people, of all age groups, and the social nights were arranged to be every fortnight.  People have travelled from Wigan, St Helens, Bolton, and Manchester.

After about 20 years the club needed to move and relocated to The Orchards, Orchard Lane, Atherleigh. We continued to have social nights and the membership numbers remained the same.

In 2009 the club had to move again. Wigan Council offered a room to the club at Leigh Sports Village so that the members could use the brand new facilities available, and also interact with The Disability Partnership which is also based at Leigh Sports Village.

In 2013 another move was required and we located at 180 Club, Railway Road, Leigh.

In 2019 the club moved once more to the Leigh Masonic Hall which is where the fortnightly Tuesday social nights are held.

Currently there are 48 members from across the Borough. See Contact page for Committee Members.

A variety of events are organised for the members and Atherton Rotary Club continue to be generous supporters and ‘attend’ some of the events. Tickets are also available for events held by other Deaf Clubs, for example; Bolton, Wigan, Manchester, and St Helens.  

Leigh Deaf Club regularly invites speakers from organisations who can provide information to the club members.  A sign language interpreter is always present to ensure the information is communicated correctly.  For example the team from www.healthandcaretogether.co.uk/ came to the Deaf Club as they were doing a survey throughout the borough about the issues facing deaf people when trying to sort out a medical problem, i.e. arranging appointments with doctor or hospital.  Their final report can be viewed here Health and Care Together - Final Report March 2011  There has been an update in January and October 2012 to the above report.  Available here.

2014 - Annmarie Stone from Healthwatch Wigan visited the club to gather evidence from deaf people about their experiences with accessing health services.  Annmarie is a key member of Healthwatch Wigan - See DeafHealth Champions Newsletter  
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